Expanded Market

The cable TV market is saturated. The Internet is booming. The mobile internet is growing at a much faster rate than its desktop counterpart did. Consumers want more choices. High cable bills paired with hectic lives leads to increased usage of time shifting devices like Tivo and online video consumption via services like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Veedios empowers you to bring your content to consumers in a new and exciting way. Use our cross-platform app generation tool to bring video content to more users. Your application can be published on many of the top mobile and InternetTV platforms in just a few minutes. Users can browse, search, and enjoy your videos when it is convenient for them; on-line and on-demand.

Content Reuse

Video production takes time and money. Traditionally, video content developed for TV has been a 1 shot deal. Why? Stop letting others dictate the success of your content. Consumers want on-demand solutions and access to content when, where and on what device it is convient for them. Content producers want as many consumers of their content as possible. Both parties can be happy.

Traditional TV viewing is becoming less important by the day. Time shifting is on the rise (more than doubling in the last year) and according to Wired Netflix Instant accounts for 20% of all non-mobile Internet use during prime time & streaming media accounts for 43% of all peak period traffic in the United States".

Unlock your contents potential. Expose it to more consumers. With Veedios you can easily create an application that showcases your content on popular mobile and InternetTV platforms such as Roku, Boxee, GoogleTV, iPhone ®, Android, etc. Use our simple wizard to design an app and Veedios takes care of generating a native version for each platform that looks and feels as close to original design as possible.

Increased Revenue

It's really pretty simple. Increase the number of platforms your content is available on and increase the potential audience size. Independent of your revenue model, (i.e.) premium paid content, subscriptions, advertising, etc. the key ingredient to success is more eyeballs. Every day people are spending an increasing amount of time consuming video content online. Don't be the last one to the party. People will find popular content online and they are willing to pay for it and/or watch ads to get it. Not putting your content online does not prevent consumers from watching it, it simply makes it a bit harder for them to do so and it prevents you from monetizing it.

You've already invested in acquiring and/or creating valuable video content. Why not maximize your investment? With Veedios your content can be made available to more users on the platform of their choosing. InternetTV is young, and like the mobile world, new platforms are emerging all the time. How do you decide which to invest time and resources in supporting? Supporting new platforms means working with an increased number of programming languages, platform specific SDKs, app stores, etc. With Veedios we worry about all the platforms and their various nuances and help get your assets to the party on time.

Customer Satisfaction

People love TV. That fact isn't changing. However, the way they watch TV is. A recent Forrester survey finds, "While the amount of time Americans spend watching TV has remained roughly the same in the past five years, Internet use has increased by 121% in the same time frame. Americans are now spending as many hours online as they do in front of their TV screens". Couple all that with the understanding that time shifting is on the rise (more than doubling in the last year) and according to Wired Netflix Instant accounts for 20% of all non-mobile Internet use during prime time & streaming media accounts for 43% of all peak period traffic in the United States" it is easy to see the time to make the move is now.

Simply putting your content on the Internet is not enough. Stop making consumers troll around on a website looking for videos. Make them easy to find in an app that is fun to use. Exchange the mouse for the remote. Exchange the desk chair for the couch. Internet connected devices like the Boxee Box, Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, etc are finding their way in the homes and hearts of your customers. These devices are flying off the shelf. Embrace the trend, support it, monetize it. Don't pick one, pick them all. Pick Veedios. Make your customers feel loved. Give them a choice, their choice.


What is Veedios?

Cable TV; been there, done that. Ready for the next big thing? Reach new customers in ways you've only dreamed of. First there was black and white, then there was color, next came Beta and VHS, followed by laser disc and dvd. HD DVD almost had its way, but Blu-ray won the day... and now its time for cable free InternetTV.

Veedios allows video content owners to reuse existing video content in an emerging medium; InternetTV. With Veedios you can easily create a consistent and compelling app that works across all major InternetTV/Smart TV & mobile platforms. Content owners can expand their audience, be a step ahead of the competition, and expand revenue potential with minimal cost and time to market. Absolutely no programming required.

Success Stories

With no promotion at all the Veedios App has increased my monthly views by 30%! That is impressiveful. - Jayce Broda / HowToBecome.tv